BUMBLE BEE (HEART, innerSpirit Rattle, JDAV)

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In ancient fables, bees were sacred and wise creatures, and a sign of good fortune. It was believed that bees were divine messengers, and that their steady hum was a hymn of praise. Shake this bee rattle to the rhythm of your favorite hymn or other music to help put you in a frame of mind that will make it easier for good things to fly into your life. Shake this innerSpirit Rattle to put you in the mind of wisdom. Ceramic raku innerSpirit Rattles shimmer with swirly, smoky iridescent metallic colors. They are earthy, calming and elegantly proportioned to fit in the palm of your hand. Made for both use and decoration, the ceramic shakers are quirky yet purposeful. Shake to the rhythm of your favorite music, or the beat of your own drum.

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