Soft Sunrise at the Stream (Original Acrylic, Signed, Framed, 18x24")

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For many artists, where you live drives what you paint. That works for me. In the southeast, there are marshes, savannas, swamps, shorelines, big waves at high tide, birds of prey. In the winter months, the sunsets are spectacular with the sun in the southern hemisphere. A photographer once observed that the clouds are Florida's mountains - constantly changing shape and color. These make up a deep reservoir of paintings in waiting. My paintings are blends, I think. No photo realism/hyper realism here. Some impressionism, some realism in detail, some camouflage art. In other venues, I was Artist of the Month at the Arts Arena Gallery in Delray Beach, the Ledbetter Gallery in Oakland Park (Ft. Lauderdale), the AE "Billy" Backus Gallery in Ft. Pierce- home of the famous Florida Highwaymen, and the Marsh Rabbit Gallery in Jensen Beach and others.

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