POMPANO (Gyotaku Giclee on Watercolor Paper, 22x24, Framed, Signed, KEND)

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Gyotaku began in Japan during the 1800’s as the method used by fishermen to record the size and species of their prized catch. The fish caught was cleaned on the outside and positioned as it would appear in life. Its detailed image was obtained by carefully pressing rice paper onto the fish covered with ink, where the blank eye area remained to be hand painted. Due to the aesthetic quality of the work, Gyotaku developed into an art form. Ken Dara first learned of Gyotaku from other artists and was inspired by their work. At the present time, he researches and works with the traditional methods of printmaking, as well experiments with various inks, paints, papers and digital enhancements to develop his unique style. He is a member of the Nature Printing Society.

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