Lamp, EANGEE Mini Guyabano

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The Mini Guyabano lamp is small but provides a tremendous amount of light thanks to its oval shape. The exterior of the lamp highlights the beautifully placed guyabano leaves while the inside of the shade is wrapped in cocoa leaves to provide a high-quality finish.>The guyabano tree grows large spiky fruits that are often used in traditional medicines as well as eastern delicacies. >The leaves are evergreen and even thought they appear similar to deciduous trees, the leaves are shed and re-grown evenly through the year instead of just once a year. This provides a steady and renewable source of leaves that have their own very unique shape. >Features overlapping fossilized guyabano leaves that are handplaced on a standard UL lamp backing and then laminated. >Shade is handstiched onto a powder coated, wrought iron frame to form a oval design and uses wooden finials as feet. >Upper interior of the lamp is finished with fossilized cocoa leaves. >Dimensions: 9”L x 5”W x 9”H >Items are handmade and some variations may exist. >Eangee recommends light bulbs based on heat, not by light output. 1 LED bulb included. >If cleaning is required, use a dry cloth or duster. Do not use liquid cleaners. >Do not place your lamp in direct sunlight for extended periods of time.

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