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Object: Remove Triangle; Basic Level of Difficulty; Dimensions: 8" x 4"

Tridiculous! adds a new twist with a triangle for the object piece. A great beginner puzzle, and something unexpected for experienced puzzle solvers. Here's what some of our ''puzzle testers'' had to say: ''Very simple solution based on the older designs. Would be a good choice to give as a gift.'' ''Simple shapes makes for a ''I can do this'' attitude from beginner puzzlers. Fun to watch the confusion creep in!'' ''It's a good design. I am experienced with your puzzles and have figured out the solutions to many of the harder ones without help, but I had to see how Old Shackles was solved before I could figure this one out.'' ''Not quite as easy as thought at first. Liked the little twist of the triangle to solve.''

Each puzzle is mechanical in nature: you do not need to use any force or tricks. Puzzles are solved when the object piece is removed. Every puzzle can be considered two puzzles in one, because the solution is not truly mastered until the object piece is returned to its starting point.

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