Clay Touch Stationary House w/Apple Tree

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Hello, my name is Ingrid Hooper and I would like to tell you about how my clay art pieces are made and their uses. Each piece is formed entirely by hand from terry cotta clay. No molds are used. I make slabs of clay by using a rolling pin; then I hand carved the clay by using knives for cutting out the roof, balconies, etc. When completely done, it is then kiln fired between 1400 - 1500 degrees.

Each piece is then painted using acrylic paints and then added a protective coating to create a permanent care of the paint. Most pieces can me hung on a wall as picturesque wall art. Candles or small electric lights may be used to illuminate the windows and doors creating a distinctive lighting accent piece. Many pieces as well, are designed as a planter for small to medium bromeliads (air plants), or succulent plants.

Approx. 4"W x 5"D x 6"H

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